Project design School by the sea

Course for Staff

Description of the course

Target – teaching and non teaching staff

Week – 6th to 11th of May 2024
5th to 9th of August 2024

Trainer – Roberto Greco
Cost – 400 euro

The general objective of the course is to facilitate the participant in using European programmes and projects within their companies’ internationalization strategy. The course will focus on the strategic element of project design, and how to support your company development through EU projects.
The course will analyse in particular the Erasmus Plus framework and how to access it or develop your entity within the programme. The exercise element will be dominant, and the programme will lead to the set up of a sample application, focusing on the project design methodologies and tools.

Learning outcomes

– elements of strategic planning
– the Erasmus Plus Framework
– instruments and methodologies uses for project design
a) Problem and Solution trees
b) Log Frame Matrix
c) Work Base Structure
– how to set up and fill out an application form.

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