Our activities

Didaxé provides a number of services and activities in different sectors and regions in Italy.

Erasmus Plus Consortium

Since 2021, Didaxé is the coordinator of an Erasmus Plus accredited consortium in the sector of Adult education, providing opportunities for trainers and learners.

Erasmus plus VET

Didaxé is partner in many Erasmus Plus Projects, through which we are able to offer training opportunities to students and trainers from all over Europe.


It is our online training platform where we offer a wide range of interactive courses for young and adult students. Our work is driven by the idea of exploring the full potential of digital tools in the training sector.

Officine Didaxé

Officine Didaxé is the brand new Cellole Youth Centre. A landmark for young people and inhabitants of Cellole and the surrounding areas, where we aim at promoting individual and professional growth opportunities.

Our courses and projects

Social Entrepreneur Academy

A new innovative programme to promote social entrepreneurship. Social Entrepreneur Academy aims to promote entrepreneurship and
self-employment, in its most modern and current forms, in the territory of Turin.


Especially aimed at school-age youth. It’s aimed at enhancing the memories of World War II with particular attention to the facts related to the deportations of ethnic-religious minorities.
To better stimulate interest in the topic this project uses a communication strategy based on storytelling.

Self Portrait

The project aims to address the issue of end-of-life and palliative care both from a cultural point of view. With the aim of placing the issue at the center of public debate, and from a medical and scientific point of view, introducing the experimentation of an approach that sees the care of the patient as the fulcrum of the care function. It also aims to generate professional training content on the subject.

To organize activities or receive information on projects and programmes, contact us by email or phone!
email – info@didaxe.it
+3901119504220 – +393288940212


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