Mobility Projects 3

Mobility Projects 3

Mobility Project in Strasbourg

Tomaso Boyer and Alberto Piazzalunga, Itinerari Paralleli officers, participated at the Placemaking week conference in Strasbourg, through our consortium funded mobilities.
An opportunity to explore the intersection between Adult Education and the New European Bauhaus, the European initiative connecting the European Green Deal and our living spaces.

Mobility Project in Opatjia

Roberto Greco, president and founder of Didaxé, spent a few days in Opatjia, Croatia at the annual networking event of our International partner Dante. Masterclasses in project design, focus on centralised actions and changes in the Erasmus Plus Ka2 framework were the highlights of the learning experience.
Very fruitful as well the networking side and the exchange of project ideas.

Mobility Project in Brussels

Marina Cioppa from Didaxé, Anna Rowinski and Chiara Mossetti from Sumisura (Via Baltea) and Silvia Pinto from Itinerari Paralleli took part in a 4-day course in Brussels organized by EAEA named  Project Design in Adult Learning. The course offered both a great opportunity of networking and interesting content for the growth of the 4 professionals and their respective companies in terms of project desing and implementation in the field of adult education

Mobility Project in Segovia

Our group of 6 adult learners from Caserta, accompanied by Francesco Lisciandra, spent 4 days in Segovia, Spain, hosted by CEPA San Ildefonso – La Granja. The experience was extremely successful not only for the interesting activities arranged by our spanish partners, inclusive of arts and craft workshops, but mainly for the opportunity of meeting and working alongside the Spanish adult learners in CEPA.

Mobility Project in Vilnius

A job shadowing programme to expore the lithuanian (and more in general Baltic) StartUp, Social Innovation and Impact Environment.
A delegation of 9 participants, composed of Roberto Greco from Didaxé, Enrico Vellante and Graziella Portia from 012factory, Alice Meletti and Elena Orso Giacone from MaisNGO, Claudio Petrone from AcliCaserta, Valentina Dalla Torre from Itinerari Paralleli, Chiara Mossetti and Anna Rowinski Dall’Abaco from ViaBaltea, took part in a 3 days job shadowing at Katalista Ventures in Vilnius, experiencing meetings with startup and social enterprises, watching Impact Valley Demo Day, and networking with professionals and managers of the innovation sector in the Baltics.

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