Mobility Projects 2

Mobility Projects 2

Mobility project in Rijeka

Our partner of Dante, croatian training centre, active member of the EAEA, hosted a group of 13 adult learners, selected among Didaxé’s unemployed students, with their accompanying person for a “digital skills for work” training course, comprehensive of english language elements. At the same time, a group of 6 staff members from Didaxé and our associated companies, took part in a EU project design and management course again at Dante. Graziella Portia (012 Factory) Alberto Piazzalunga (Itinerari Paralleli), Elena Orso Giacone and Alice Meletti (MAIS NGO), Daniele Consoli and Pasquale Verrengia (Didaxé) took part in the mobility getting the most out of both the participation in the training course and the opportunity of sharing time and experiences with the Adult learners.

Mobility Project in Sofia

A group of 8 participants from the consortium staff took part in a week long training course at Know&Can. The bulgarian association, active in various sector of the Erasmus Plus, arranged the programme in order to show to the italian group measures and activities that the bulgarian third sector puts in place in order to facilitate social integration, with a focus on migration and disability. As well, Ani Dimitrova, trainer of the course, took the time to show how such activities are planned and programmed and how the European Union and the Erasmus Plus framework can support the sector. 
Enrico Vellante and Omar Salem (012 factory), Roberto Greco and Francesco Lisciandra (Didaxé), Anna Rowinstki dall’Abaco and Chiara Mossetti (Sumisura via baltea) and Silvia Gai e Sara Ortalda (Balon Mundial) took part in the experience enjoying the connection with the bulgarian counterparts.

EAEA network

We are part of the EAEA network and we dissaminated our mobility projects on their newsletter.

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