Fundraising for Educational Institutions

Course for Staff

Description of the course

Target – teaching and non teaching staff

Week – 20th to 24th of november
17th to 21st of June 2024

Trainer – Daniele Consoli
Cost – 400 euro

Packages with accommodation and transports available

The global objective of the training course is to enable school staff to define their needs, develop a fundraising strategy and implement it throughout the school activities. The participants will be able to interact with their school stakeholders, provided with a set of tools ready to use in each educational and territorial context.

The course is structured over 5 working days and includes theoretical moments and individual or group work, alterneted with study visits to schools that have successfully conducted fundraising campaigns and specialized crowdfunding agencies. The final outcome will be the comprehension of key fundraising tools (stakeholder mapping, fundraising pyramid, range table), along with the definition of a possible fundraising strategy to implement in your own institutions.

Learning outcomes

The course will help the participants to understand how to: 

  • Getting to know the school stakeholders;
  • Learn the opportunities of funding mix;
  • Understand the main tools for fundraising strategy;
  • Tackle negative attitude about philantrophy towards educational institutions;
  • Incorporate values and ethics into scholar population;

Connect education with the wider community

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