EU Project Cycle Management

Course for Staff

Description of the course

Target – teaching and non teaching staff

Week – 20th to 24th of november (TURIN)
11th to 16th of march 2024 (CASERTA)

Trainer – Roberto Greco
Cost – 400 euro

Packages with accommodation and transports available

The general objective of the course is to facilitate the participant in using European programmes and projects within their companies’ internationalization strategy.
The course will show the main programmes and frameworks of the EU in order to support the participants in finding information on all of those that might be interesting for them. The main focus will be anyway on Erasmus Plus, probably the most famous of EU programmes.
Then the course will analyse the main call for proposals of the Erasmus Plus and simulate a project application. The course will provide an overview of the instruments and methodologies used for the project design, management and evaluation.
Finally, the course will provide an opportunity for networking with partners from all over the EU.

Learning outcomes

– history of project management
– elements of strategic planning
– mechanisms and programmes of the European Union
– the Erasmus Plus Framework
– instruments and methodologies uses for project design, management and evaluation
a) Problem and Solution trees
b) Log Frame Matrix
c) Work Base Structure
e) Theory of Change
– how to set up and fill out an application form.

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